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  • Lioness walking through grassland

    How do you reintroduce lions?

    Lions are iconic species, but they are threatened with extinction. In Zambia, researchers and conservationists are working together to…

  • Woman with blonde hair smiling at the camera.

    Carolyn Nielsen


    As an immunologist, I’m interested in understanding how people’s immune systems respond to vaccines and how we can use…

  • Mosquito on someone's skin.

    Behind the scenes: developing a new malaria vaccine

    Nearly half of the world’s population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission. A safe and effective vaccine…

  • Women with blonde hair smiling at the camera.

    Sarah Silk

    Clinical Trial Immunologist

    Whilst living in Uganda, I saw the impact of malaria first hand and was able to take part in…

  • A man is sat playing drums for the Life Without Music documentary

    Life Without Music

    Music is an integral part of life. Whether your foot taps on your commute to work, you play an…

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