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  • Atreyi Chakrabarty profile image

    Atreyi Chakrabarty

    Sleep scientist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    My name is Atreyi and I’m a final year DPhil student studying the cellular and network mechanisms of sleep…

  • Charlotte Collingwood sits against a tree. Featured image for the video 'When Stress Turns Bad'.

    When Stress Turns Bad

    Did you know that stress evolved as a key tool for our survival? I mean, you wouldn’t want to…

  • Philip Burnet profile image

    Philip Burnet


    My passion for neuroscience started when I was studying biochemistry at the University of Hull. By the time I…

  • Shenghong He profile image

    Shenghong He

    Clinical Neuroscientist

    I am a postdoctoral research scientist at the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit (BNDU), Nuffield Department of…

  • Demi Brizee stands in front of the Westminster College Choir from Rider University.

    The Symphony of the Brain

    “We can think of singers in a choir as neurons in the brain. Like these singers, neurons have to…

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