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  • A line of people in silhouette, against the backdrop of planet Earth. Featured image for podcast episode 'How has life expectancy changed after the pandemic?'

    How has life expectancy changed after the pandemic?

    Demographers (researchers who study the statistics of human populations) look at factors such as birth rates, death rates, migration…

  • José Manuel Aburto profile image

    José Manuel Aburto


    In many parts of the world life expectancy has been increasing over the last decades, but not everywhere. In…

  • Jennifer Dowd profile image

    Jennifer Dowd

    Demographer & Epidemiologist

    I fell in love with data and statistics when I realized what powerful tools they were for understanding (and…

  • Melinda Mills profile picture

    Melinda Mills

    Demographer and behavioural scientist

    Melinda Mills (MBE, FBA) is Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science (LCDS) and Professor of Demography and…

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