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Mafalda Santos

Molecular immunologist

I’m originally from Lisbon, Portugal where I finished my degree in 2006. My first real contact with science was when I moved to London to the School of Pharmacy, UCL and working with Prof. John Moses discovered the use of click chemistry to develop new and better drugs against cancer, those were really exciting times! In 2007 I met Prof. Alexandre Carmo from University of Porto and I was captured by the complexity and beauty of molecular immunology and signalling pathways. I started my PhD and during that time I worked at IBMC, Porto, Institut Cochin, Paris and the WIMM at Oxford University. And that was it! The beginning of a life closely connected with Oxford and Immunology. I have now been in Oxford for 6 years, working with Prof Simon Davis and our amazing T cell Biology group and exploring different aspects of the KS model for T cell receptor triggering (that you can learn more if you got to our “the science behind”).