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Brian Mackenwells

Public Engagement Officer

I studied theoretical physics in Maynooth University, Ireland, and while I loved learning about science, I realised that a life as a researcher was not for me. I did love talking about science, and realised that this could be a job – so, after my degree, I did a Masters in ‘Science Communication’ at Dublin City University.

From there I’ve had a number of jobs in the field of science communication – I helped manage the ‘Science Bus’ in Dublin, which was a coach that had a fully working science lab in it, that visited primary schools; I worked for an environmental charity doing workshops for very young children on saving energy, using a puppet called ‘Guzzler’; I worked for ‘Science Oxford’ designing and delivering science shows and workshops for schools, families, and adults throughout Oxfordshire; and for the last two and a half year I have been the ‘Public engagement Officer’ at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, where I support over 300 researchers to do their own public engagement.