Calling all parents!

Fire up your 7-11 year old's imagination...

Meet 8 people who've used science & maths as a springboard to creative and rewarding careers & do some fun activities at home!



Jumana Haque
Jumana is taking part in the new Foundation Year program at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. The course aims to attract bright students from areas where higher education isn’t the typical or easiest path to take.
Battery doodle
Make your own robot to create art.
Ann-Marie was in foster care when she applied to study at the University of Oxford. She’s keen to encourage other children and care leavers to follow in her footsteps.
Earth doodle
Create your own rocks
Use crayons to form sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.
Muhammad Ali Image
Muhammad was one of the first in his family to go to university. He explains why studying engineering science makes him happy.
Paper plane doodle
Paper engineering
Design your ultimate paper aeroplane and complete a paper design challenge.
Sophie talks about her apprenticeship route into a science career, and suggests simple kitchen chemistry projects to fire up your imagination.
Kaleidoscopic kitchen chemistry
Make a colour-changing painting and chromatography cartoons.
Anne Marie’s passion for computer science has taken her on an exciting career path from banking to Buckingham Palace. She’s keen to help more girls to get creative with code.
Get creative with code
Hack the news and rework your school website from your own computer.
Roma Agrawal
Roma describes her journey from stickle bricks to the top of The Shard, and inspires you to get engineering with everyday objects.
The Shard
Engineering with everyday objects
Design and build bridges and skyscrapers with household can make a structure out of anything.
David Gavaghan, Computer Scientist
David was the first person in his family to go to university. His childhood love of maths led to a career that is changing the way scientists develop new medicines.
Formulae heart
Teach a computer to doodle
Learn how to code using Lego bricks and free software.
Sunetra has forged successful careers as both a scientist and a writer. She describes how her curiosity and creativity feed into her research into infectious diseases.
Create a cartoon and make art inspired by the tiniest living things.