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Calling all parents!

Fire up your 7-11 year old’s imagination…

Meet 8 people who’ve used science & maths as a springboard to
creative and rewarding careers and do some fun activities at home!

  • Jumana Haque

    Jumana Haque

    Foundation year physics student

    Jumana is taking part in the new Foundation Year...

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  • Ann-Marie Jay

    Ann-Marie Jay

    Final year Earth sciences student

    Ann-Marie was in foster care when she applied...

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  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    Second year engineering science student

    At school, Mike Dodd enjtry, and had an inspirational...

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  • Sophie Jamieson

    Sophie Jamieson

    Apprentice Lab Technician

    At school, I was excited when it was time for science...

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  • Anne Maria Imafidon

    Anne Maria Imafidon

    Computer Scientist and Head Stemette

    I got into maths and computing by tinkering at home...

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  • Roma Agrawal

    Roma Agrawal

    Structural Engineer

    I took an unusual route into engineering. I enjoyed maths...

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  • David Gavaghan

    David Gavaghan

    Computer Scientist

    I grew up in Blackburn in the north of England...

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  • Sunetra Gupta

    Sunetra Gupta

    Epidemiologist and Novelist

    I was always curious about how things work...

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