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Wednesday 2nd May 2018, 10.02am
Why does it always rain (ash) on me?

On May 1st, 1812, a remarkable weather system reached Barbados. 'At half-past twelve AM a heavy dark cloud obscured the heavens completely. [..]  at half past one a sandy grit began to fall in small quantities'. Through the night there was the sound of explosions and thunder, and by...

Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Tuesday 20th Feb 2018, 04.39pm
Deciphering the complexity of blood progenitor cells

Blood production by haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells is complex, with multiple proposed models of differentiation.


Brianna Heazlewood

Brianna Heazlewood

Professor Charlotte Deane

Charlotte Deane

Head of Department for Statistics, Professor of Structural Bioinformatics

Josh Nunn


Thomas Smith

Sally Le Page

Sally Le Page

Evolutionary biologist
Robin Dunbar

Robin Dunbar

Kieran Clarke

Kieran Clarke

A mix of biochemist, physiologist and entrepreneur

Malcolm John

Particle Physicist
Luke Jew

Luke Jew


Jonny Brooks-Bartlett