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Day in the Life of Merrit Moore

Friday 18th Aug 2017, 03.15pm

Day in the Life of Merrit Moore...

Ever wondered what it's like to be a DPhil student in atomic and laser physics at The University of Oxford and a professional Ballet dancer?  

Watch our video as we see what it's like to be Merritt Moore…


Is love real? Watch our Facebook LIVE to find out...

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017, 12.45pm

Is Love real? And how does love vary in different ages, if at all? Is there an ideal time for love?

These were just a few questions we asked Dr Anna Machin on our Facebook LIVE video.

War veteran turned Oxford student to compete at Invictus Games

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017, 01.00am

Faith Fordham is on a journey.

After serving almost seven years as a Royal Navy medic, in Afghanistan, she was discharged from service in 2011. Faith left the military with a number of physical injuries and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...

Facebook LIVE - It's all about #penguins!

Tuesday 8th Aug 2017, 03.00pm

Who doesn't love watching penguins? We speak to...

Just a few...

Here's a few resources from the University you can take a look at

Learn more about fossils

Learn more about minerals and light

The Laboratory With Leaves: Researching the birds at Wytham Woods

Members of the Department of Physics talking about their work

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