Beyond Boundaries 2020
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Beyond Boundaries received a diversity award!
Aché Atta-Boateng
Emmanuelle Dankwa
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Beyond Boundaries 2020

Beyond Boundaries 2020 – winners and runners up announced!

Thank you to all the young people who submitted amazing art entries for our Beyond Boundaries science-inspired art competition! You put so much creativity and hard work into your art. All eligible entries are now available to view in our 2020 artwork galleries

We were overwhelmed by the high number of entries and the outstanding quality of the artwork. The variety and ingenuity of the submissions, ranging from drawings and paintings to complex digital animations, was incredible! Our judging panel included Sara Lowes, Curator of Creative Learning, Modern Art Oxford; Prof Matt Jarvis, MPLS Associate Head (People); and Dr Pavandeep Rai, Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics). While they had difficult decisions to make, reviewing 215 entries from 256 participants, we are pleased to announce the following winners and runners up (noting that the young people listed have now moved up a year group):

Year 5 Winner: Simon Chauveau Depoil, East Oxford Primary School, artwork titled ‘A Tiny Bug, Big Pods, Delicious Chocolate’, inspired by Aché Atta-Boateng’s research.

Year 5 Runner-up: Louisa Dene Askgaard, Woodstock C of E Primary School, artwork titled ‘Pollinated World’, inspired by Aché Atta-Boateng’s research.

Year 6 Winner: Evie Ford, Long Furlong Primary School, artwork titled ‘From Her Perspective’, inspired by Emmanuelle Dankwa’s research.

Year 6 Runners-up: Meg Connor & Nico Vargas (joint entry), North Hinksey C of E Primary School, artwork titled ‘Art in an Atom’, inspired by Shahnaz Hoque’s research.

Year 7 Winner: Charlie Ighani, The Warriner School, artwork titled ‘The Bangladesh Sun’, inspired by Shahnaz Hoque’s research.

Year 7 Runner-up: Matilda Cullen, The Warriner School, artwork titled ‘Unleashed’, inspired by Emmanuelle Dankwa’s research.

Year 8 Winner: Bethany Atherton, The Warriner School, artwork titled ‘Bee Aware’, inspired by Aché Atta-Boateng’s research.

Year 8 Runner-up: Dawid Wacek, The Oxford Academy, artwork titled ‘Experimental Progress Line’, inspired by Serena Dai’s research.


Winners receive £100 and runners up receive £50 as well as the opportunity to have their work displayed in the forthcoming Beyond Boundaries exhibition at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (dates to be confirmed).

Beyond Boundaries was recognised in Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity Awards 2020 for ‘promoting awareness’ of equality and diversity in science research.

Read the Beyond Boundaries press release on the MPLS website.


Project information

Beyond Boundaries is an exciting ART COMPETITION, breaking down boundaries between art, science and people! Get to know some amazing scientific researchers and get inspired for your own art creation!

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division of the University of Oxford has developed this art competition for Oxfordshire state school students in Years 5, 6, 7 & 8, to create art inspired by research from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic scientists and mathematicians. The competition is now closed, but do read the researcher profiles below to learn about their fascinating stories and cutting-edge research. 

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Read about these researchers to create your artwork!

Emmanuelle Dankwa profile image

Emmanuelle Dankwa

Disease Outbreak Investigator

Ache Atta-Boateng Profile Image

Aché Atta-Boateng

Cacao Tree Expert

Shaz Hoque profile image

Shahnaz ('Shaz') Hoque

Nuclear Fusion Specialist

Mohit Dalwadi profile image

Mohit Dalwadi

Cell Freezing Modeller

Serena Dai profile image

Serena Dai

Wild Sand Rat Researcher

Min Chen profile image

Min Chen

Data Visualisation Scientist