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Earth Sciences

  • Snowy mountains

    What are the odds of a white Christmas?

    As we count down to the festive season and the days get colder, will we see a white Christmas…

  • Graphic of a UFO and alien abduction; website image for the podcast episode 'Would you want to meet an alien?'

    Would you want to meet an alien?

    What might an experimental petrologist (someone who makes rocks in the lab) and an immunologist (someone who studies the…

  • Jon Wade profile image

    Jon Wade

    Experimental Petrologist

    I am an experimental petrologist at heart, a somewhat rare breed who make their own rocks by high pressure…

  • Mars. Featured image for podcast episode "How were new craters on Mars discovered?"

    How were new craters on Mars discovered?

    When a space rock smashes into the surface of a planet, a hole – or crater – is formed.…

  • Anna Bidgood profile image

    Anna Bidgood

    Earth Scientist

    “With a background in metamorphic petrology, I look to apply my expertise to ore deposit systems related to battery…

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