Meet the Scientists

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Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Monday 24th Apr 2017, 05.05pm
Multiple Sclerosis – Action and Reaction

Brain Diaries is an exhibition and series of events organised by the Oxford Museum of Natural History in partnership with Oxford Neuroscience. The aim is to show the public how the latest...

Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Tuesday 28th Mar 2017, 12.17pm
Cells have a skeleton, and a very clever way of organising it

Just like humans, each of our cells have a skeleton in order to maintain their shape. Up until recently, we didn’t have the ability to see their skeleton in great detail. But with new technology creating ever-more powerful microscopes, we can now see the skeleton and the patterns it creates...


Jason R.C. Nurse

Computer Scientist

Anna Michell

Genetic Counsellor

David Pyle


Ingmar Posner


Dr Alan Barr

Physics Researcher

William Hawthorne

Plant Biologist
Alize Pennec

Dr. Alize Pennec

Biotransformation Development Manager
Jena Meinecke

Jena Meinecke

Christopher Jeffs

Christopher Jeffs

Insect ecologist
Dr Holly Reeve

Dr Holly Reeve