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Yuqing Zhou


I am a DPhil (PhD) student in the Department of Biology, University of Oxford. I am part of the Ineos Oxford Institute (IOI) for Antimicrobial Research, working within the Walsh group, led by Prof. Timothy Walsh. My research focuses on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which I have been studying for six years. I’m particularly interested in animal health drug development. We are designing novel screening programmes and new candidate compounds to hopefully discover viable alternative antibiotics that can be used solely in agriculture and aquaculture (rather than being used by humans too), producing zero cross-resistance to human antibiotics.

Apart from this, I spent the first year of my PhD at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University, exploring the dissemination and relationship between Colistin resistance in human, animal, and environmental sectors in Laos using a ‘one-health’ approach. Before my DPhil in the UK, I did a BSc in Agriculture at the Tianjin Agricultural University and a Masters in Veterinary Medicine at the China Agricultural university.

AMR is a huge global issue and I hope we can make changes to combat it while we still can.

You can read my scientific paper here: Zhou et al. (2022). A One-Health Sampling Strategy to Explore the Dissemination and Relationship Between Colistin Resistance in Human, Animal, and Environmental Sectors in Laos. Engineering 15, pp: 45-56.