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Stephen Roberts


I can’t remember a time I’ve not been excited by science and maths! The universe is just so amazing and there’s so much we don’t know.  For my tenth birthday I got given a book called ‘The Physical World’ – I loved it, read it cover to cover and decided to study physics from that moment onwards. I’ve also always been really fascinated by electronics and computers – I still love programming and playing with electronics – especially things you can build using accessible components, like the Raspberry Pi. I studied physics at Oxford, specialising in astrophysics. It was then that I got really excited by the possibilities of finding out new things using computers in science. I’ve been really lucky to be able to keep exploring this ever since. I’ve always enjoyed talking about my work and have been able to give lots of talks over the years. Probably the most memorable was when my own children were in primary school, I ran a few science weeks in the school. It was wonderful fun – I think all the adults helping enjoyed it even more than the children!