Sam Henry

Detector Scientist

My work involves developing particle detectors and other kit for experiments such as the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I always loved playing with instruments, computers and electronics. When I began my physics degree at Durham University, I assumed I would end up working in industry, but along the way I got hooked by questions in fundamental physics such as: “What is dark matter?” and “Why are we made from matter and not antimatter”. This drew me to Oxford to do a doctorate in astroparticle physics. I subsequently worked on experiments in an underground laboratory in the mountains of central Italy, the Fermilab accelerator in the USA, and the ILL nuclear facility in France. Beyond fundamental physics, I am interested in wider applications of the technology we develop. I spent a year investigating the possible use of our sensors in geophysics to probe the earth beneath our feet. I love to share my enthusiasm for science with the public, and I run a particle physics stall at events like Stargazing Oxford and the Oxfordshire Science Festival. I am planning a popular science book about my adventures at underground laboratories around the world.