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Roi Cohen Kadosh

Experimental Psychologist

I received my PhD in Neuropsychology (summa cum laude, direct track) from the Ben-Gurion University in 2007, and I focused mainly on humans understanding of numbers. How do we perceive numbers, and what brain regions are involved in such process. I had my postdoctoral training at University College London where I expand my skills to include brain stimulation methods in order to transiently impair numerical understanding. I joined the University of Oxford at 2009 where I established the Cohen Kadosh Lab. I am most interested in understanding the link between the brain and high level cognitive functions such as numerical and mathematical understanding, and reasoning and problem solving, and how we can improve these cognitive skills and learning processes by stimulation the brain.

My line of research (e.g., mathematical abilities, cognitive enhancement) attracts substantial interest from the public and the media. I have presented and demonstrated my research at public events and exhibitions (e.g., London Science Museum, Science and Cocktails in Copenhagen, British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust Superhuman exhibition, Cambridge and Oxford University Scientific Societies, Casa Macaya in Barcelona and different schools. I am contacted by journalists on a regular basis and I have given multiple interviews for national and international radio and TV programmes and newspapers, including: BBC Six O’Clock News, The Today Programme, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, BBC Scotland, CBS, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Guardian, Haaretz, Independent, Le Researche, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, Nature, Neue Züricher Zeitung, New Scientist, Science Magazine, Scientific American, Sky News, The New York Times, The Times, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal (feature article), Washington Post.