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Rob Salguero-Gómez

Population Ecologist

I am a population ecologist. I was born and raised in Spain, where I attended the University of Cadiz for my BSc in Environmental Sciences. Further academic education took me to the UK for my MSc and the USA for my PhD, in addition to postdocs in Germany and Australia. My fascination for science started by studying succulent desert plants. I’ve always been interested by the evolution and maintenance of life history strategies in harsh environments, and as such, how succulents (and other plants) have managed to conquer hostile environments. These kinds of questions are ever more pressing, as now less hostile environments are being drastically transformed by climate change and other indirect human actions. Details on the research that my group carries out can be found below. We do partake in outreach activities frequently (e.g. Meet the Experts at the Museum of Natural History), and are keen on going to (or engaging via the internet with) schools to discuss our research.