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Nikol Lambeva


I am a DPhil student in Condensed Matter Physics, part of the Physics and Application of Soluble Semiconductors group working with Prof Donal Bradley. My main research interests include (i) probing the electronic structure and transport in novel materials for applications in the solar cell, lighting and display technologies, and (ii) studying the interplay of such materials with other device constituents to facilitate investigations into improved multilayer architectures.

My fascination with science started as a kid. I was curious to know how different devices worked much to the horror of my parents who would occasionally come home to find a radio or a telephone taken apart. I pursued this interest throughout high school and went on to do my undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham. There through a variety of lecture and lab courses I was able to experience the different branches of physics. This made it clear to me that experimental hands-on work was my calling and a postgraduate degree was inevitable.

Aside from doing research, I am enthusiastic about sharing my passion for science and I often volunteer at different outreach events organised by the Department of Physics. I also greatly enjoy teaching and demonstrate in the undergraduate labs as well as tutor physics at Mansfield college.