Nadescha Trudel

Decision Neuroscientist

One of the most intriguing and complex things for me are other people. I have always wanted to learn about what makes us humans human. Therefore, I started an undergraduate programme in Psychology at Maastricht University to learn about the complexity of human behaviour, but also its underlying neurological processes.

However, one other, maybe quite opposite, interest of mine always lied in mathematics. When I heard about the interdisciplinary field of Neuroeconomics, I immediately got excited. It combines neuroscience, psychology and economics to study decision-making on a behavioural and neural level. After my undergraduate, I started a research master in Neuroeconomics at Maastricht University and focused on decision-making when interacting with other people, i.e. social decision making. Today, the general focus of my research is to investigate social decision making and learning in the human brain. By combining computational modelling and neuroimaging approaches, I investigate how uncertainty drives human choices to explore between social and non-social information sources.