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Mike Clark

Environmental Scientist

I am a researcher focusing on the links between food, environment, health, and economics. I am particularly interested in using quantitative models and large data sets to provide insights into the types of food system transitions that could help make food systems capable of meeting societal goals on climate, biodiversity, well being, and justice. Before coming to Oxford in 2018, I did my PhD at the University of Minnesota.

My first encounter with food – as is the case with probably everyone – was before I can remember! My mom and grandma quickly got me involved in baking as a toddler (they used to bake wedding cakes), and I’ve been baking ever since (including a disastrous 2-week period working in a bakery). I was also fortunate that my parents introduced me to the outdoors at an early age (I could ski before I could walk), and I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to research topics that have strong links to my hobbies in baking and the environment.

My research has been used in outreach, museum exhibits (including the ongoing Meat the Future exhibit at Oxford’s Natural History Museum), outreach events that toured the UK, and a variety of YouTube videos.

Find out more about the ‘Eco-Metric Tool’ project I am currently working on.