Melis Anatürk


I was drawn to science after learning about the ‘plastic’ nature of the brain and its implications for brain ageing. This organ undergoes a number of changes to its structure and function as we get older, which appear to be responsible for the changes in cognition (e.g. memory) that are commonly reported by older adults. I am particularly interested in the role that our lifestyle has in maintaining brain health in old age and am currently researching this as part of my DPhil (i.e. PhD) in Psychiatry. Before starting my DPhil, I completed a degree at the University of St Andrews (MA Psychology) and University College London (MSc Health Psychology).

Along with doing scientific research, I also enjoy talking about it! This is why I regularly get involved in public engagement events in and around Oxford, which have included running stalls on ageing (Living Well Oxford) and Alzheimer’s research (Cheltenham Science Festival). I am also one of the Public Engagement Ambassadors for the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN) and am always looking for new ways to excite the general public about the cutting-edge neuroscientific research that is happening right now, in Oxford.