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Joelle Boutari

Experimental Physicist

My passion for physics started in the last two years of high school thanks to the amazing outreach work lead by the Physics teacher at the time.
Following that, I pursued Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Matter Physics at University of Rome La Sapienza.  During that time I developed the interest for optics and its quantum properties and thus worked on my thesis projects in collaboration with Prof P. Mataloni and Prof F. Sciarrino in the Quantum Optics Group of Rome, La Sapienza. After that experience I have been able to succeed in a Marie Curie fellowship for a DPhil at Oxford University within the Ultrafast Quantum Optics group of Prof. I. A. Walmsley.

My current research interests consist in realising large scale lattices using optical fibre technology. To manipulate and study the evolution of single photons over such networks has the potential to provide insights about the computational complexity of the system.

I am part of the main board of the Oxford Optical and Photonic Student chapter sponsored by the Optical Society of America (OSA), Oxford University and the Oxford Photonics Network.

Our activities develop in close collaboration with the Department of Physics and the Oxford History of Science Museum and have been involved with science open days providing hands-on experiments about light and our research.