Jen Lawson

Clinical Trials Manager in Dementia Research

I studied Psychology as an undergraduate, and then joined Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to gain experience in mental health and in research. The plan was to eventually become a Clinical Psychologist, but I realised after a short while that I really enjoyed the challenges in research, and wanted to keep working in this area. I went on to study MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, which helped me gain a better understanding of the varied and complex research methods used in studying the brain. I then joined The University of Oxford to work in dementia research.

Dementia research is important to me, having seen first-hand how destructive it can be, for both patients and their families and friends. We have a fantastic and growing research community working hard on this, and it’s wonderful to be a part of it. I am interested in new and innovative ideas that can help us find and treat Alzheimer’s disease early, before it has a chance to take hold.