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Jack Haley

Nuclear Materials Scientist

I started out studying Physics at the University of Southampton, and followed that up by working offshore as a Geophysical engineer for a couple of years. I wasn’t satisfied with that career path however, and so I turned my attention back to science and research, and after attending some IoP conferences, I became very interested in nuclear fusion.

The prospect of helping to develop nuclear fusion as a viable energy source was massively appealing to me, as such technology could help to reduce carbon emissions at a time where it is needed urgently, and that could go on to meet our energy demands for thousands of years.

I have since become an expert in the complicated field of defect analysis for nuclear materials, which requires a lot of time spent learning to use complicated microscopes and machinery. There a lot of challenges to overcome before we are to make fusion happen, but we are getting there, and it feels great to be part of that global goal.