Georgie Humphreys


As an 8 year old, Georgie received a chemistry kit and started running her own experiments, using her sister as an assistant.  The kit led to a further interest in science, eventually taking Georgie to Edinburgh to study biochemistry.  But it wasn’t until studying for a Masters that she discovered a particular passion for malaria and infectious disease research.

After graduating, Georgie worked for the NHS on hospital infections, and then carried out research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health.  She then undertook a PhD at Glasgow University on malaria in mosquitos.

Following her PhD, Georgie moved to Tanzania for a year to experience fieldwork in a malaria-endemic country.  She is now back in the UK, working for the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network at Oxford University.

Georgie is keen on sharing her scientific passion with the public.  As well as doing lots of voluntary work in science engagement, she has won several awards for her work and become a country finalist in the international FameLab competition.

About her research, Georgie says: “I am passionate about improving the health of the global population and love being part of a scientific team that finds new insights into the amazingly complex natural world, but making those discoveries accessible to all is why I also take the time to get involved in science communication.”