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Eleanor Hammond

Environmental Scientist

I am a researcher focussing on the links between food and the environment, and how changes to our food consumption patterns and food systems can alleviate the worsening climate and biodiversity crises. Specifically, I am interested in how the scientific insights gained from analysing large datasets on different food products’ environmental impacts can be communicated in ways that inform organisations and individuals how combinations of actions can sum to them meeting environmental targets. I did my undergraduate degree (Natural Sciences) at Cambridge.

I was interested in food production and where food comes from at an early age, because my mum grows various vegetables (although I didn’t exactly appreciate eating kale as a 6 year old…), and growing up living next to crop fields gave me an understanding of the impacts of food production on wildlife. But I didn’t see this as an academic interest until undergrad lectures, when I realised how multifaceted, interesting, and vitally important the study of food’s environmental impacts is.

Find out more about the ‘Eco-Metric Tool’ project I am currently working on.