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Eleanor Bath

Evolutionary biologist

I study why females fight, which I first got interested in because it seemed like most science only focused on why males fight. So really, it’s a feminist project. During my DPhil in Zoology at Oxford, studied how female stalk-eyed flies use exaggerated traits during fights, and how mating affects female fruit fly aggression. Before my DPhil, I studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where I looked at whether two related species of neriid flies could (and would) mate. I am now a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church College and I’m broadly interested in sexual selection, female aggression, and animal behaviour. I have talked about my current research in the Three Minute Thesis competition, worn pirate hats at FameLab, tried my hand at science comedy at Bright Club, and danced in a couple of Dance your PhD videos

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