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Barbara Rossi

Structural Engineer

Barbara Rossi joined the University of Oxford in March 2019 as Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science (Structures & Mechanics). Prior to this, she was an associate professor in Engineering Technology at KU Leuven in Belgium, where she led a research group exploring the structural behaviour of metallic structures, with a special interest in stainless steel and harsh environments, where corrosion plays an important role. Over the last ten years she also branched into the research area of life-cycle analysis and sustainability appraisal of (metal) structures.

Today, Barbara leads the Sustainable Metal Structures Research Group at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the role of metals in structures to improve the construction sector sustainability and resilience. Her team studies materials such as ultra-high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or a combination of these, used in structures such as bridges, windmills, radioactive waste disposal facility, and wastewater treatment plants. Advanced analytical and computational analyses are combined with experimental methods to perform both fundamental and applied research. Full-scale experiments are conducted on structures or part thereof in her former laboratory at KU Leuven and in the new Sustainable Metal Structures Laboratory, at Begbroke Science Park.

In her free time, Barbara is fond of travelling, especially in Italy given her attachment to her family background. She also likes to design handicrafts incorporating various fabrics, precious metals and ceramics.


Find out more about the Oxford Sustainable Metal Structures Research Group on their Twitter page.