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Anna Machin

Evolutionary Anthropologist

I’m an evolutionary anthropologist which means I study the influence that evolution has had upon human behaviour, physiology and anatomy. I am particularly interested in close human relationships: romantic partnerships, close friendships, parent/child bonds and relationships between close relatives. I study relationships using a range of tools encompassing genetics, neuroscience, psychology, behavioural science and physiology. I am particularly interested in how our brain motivates us to start and maintain our relationships and what causes people to be different in how they behave in and experience their relationships. I studied at Oxford Brookes University, University College London and completed my PhD at the University of Reading in 2006. I love being an anthropologist because at its core it is the study of humanity and I can use the theories and techniques from any discipline to help me do this so I never get bored! I am also evangelical about telling everyone about what I do so I enjoy attending Science Fairs and explaining my work on the TV and Radio. Most recently I have been involved on the Channel Four show Married at First Sight using what I have learnt from my research to help find life partners for the participants.

Royal Society Presentation on the Neuroscience of Love 

Anna has recenntly been involved in a project with BBCiWonder. Click on the link and find out if you are cut out for marriage

Watch Anna in the second series of Married at First Sight where Anna appears as a scientific expert. Starts Tuesday18th October on Channel 4, 9pm