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Andrew Mellor

Applied Mathematician

Network science is the study of how objects interact with each other. Quite often, even simple behaviour at an individual level can lead to extraordinary complex emergent behaviour across a network. Networks appear everywhere. The way we get around on roads, planes, and trains all can be modelled as a network. Similarly the human body can be modelled as a giant network of molecular interactions and the removal of a single interaction can have catastrophic effects! More abstractly, the people we interact with, both online and offline, all shape our daily lives through conversation, peer pressure, and opportunities.

I began my academic journey in Oxford undertaking four years of undergraduate mathematics. Afterwards I did my PhD at the Mathematics department at the University of Leeds. My research “Monitoring and Modelling Social Networks” examined how we communicate online, in particular in response to particular events or discussing particular brands.

I now am a researcher in the Data Science Lab in the Mathematical Institute at Oxford working with a wide range of companies such as Emirates, BT, and Elsevier to address new challenges in both network and data science. I also lecture at Somerville College.