Undergraduate offers released amid strong competition for places

Tuesday 11th Jan 2022, 11.02am

More than 3600 talented students will today receive offers of places for undergraduate study from October 2022, after a second year of online interviews as a result of the pandemic. This is an increase of 2.6% on the previous year and means that 38% of those interviewed have secured offers.

With strong competition for places at Oxford, the University would like to congratulate all successful candidates celebrating their offers today. With early figures showing that applications averaged almost seven per place – a figure that is far higher in some subjects – all candidates who proceeded to the interview stage in the admissions process should be proud of their hard work and achievement.

This year, 70% of offers to UK applicants have gone to students educated in the state sector, up from 58% in 2016. The University remains committed to offering fair access to all candidates, and early indications are that admissions from under-represented social groups continues to grow in line with last year’s figures. 

This is the second year that interviews have been online as a result of the pandemic and in December more than 20,000 interviews took place across the colleges. We are very grateful to the schools and colleges who helped facilitate these. As students’ studies continue to be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the University will continue to offer additional academic support for those affected and build on the measures already in place from previous years. Details will be sent to offer holders over the coming months.

As the University’s landmark Opportunity Oxford scheme enters its third year of operation, we are delighted that offers to the scheme have increased by 36.5% to 228 students. The scheme offers students from under-represented backgrounds a package of support to help them make the transition to study at Oxford, including a residential stay in the lead up to their first term at Oxford. Students already on the scheme have praised the extra preparation and support the course provides, with one student saying ‘This programme has elevated my confidence in my ability so much more alongside having the chance to explore such a beautiful city! It has also allowed me to sharpen up academic skills and get a head start on content before the start of term. ‘ Another described it as ‘A once in a lifetime opportunity which gives you not only a fantastic head start but is also extremely fun.’