The Oxford Research Centre in Humanities launches Egypt Season

Friday 28th Oct 2022, 11.56am

Running from October to December 2022, Oxford’s Egypt Season will explore the rich cultural, archaeological, artistic, and political history of Egypt.

Using creative artistic practice, alongside cutting-edge technology and research, the season will tell the story of Egypt from the land of the Pharaohs to the modern, diverse country of today.

Egypt has inspired generations in so many ways and with the centenary of the re-discovery of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb in November 1922, The Oxford Research Centre in Humanities (TORCH), will be bringing together artists and researchers to commemorate Egypt and its influence on the world.

Professor Wes Williams, Director of The Oxford Research Centre in Humanities (TORCH) said:

‘I am so proud and pleased to be able to launch the Egypt Season as part of Oxford’s Humanities Cultural Programme. Our aim is not only to celebrate the richness and complexity of Egypt’s history, but also to explore the range of voices and forms that animate contemporary Egyptian culture.’

‘From antiquity through to the present, from Highclere Castle, by way of opera, film and artificial intelligence, all the way to our Pharaoh Friday Late Night at the Ashmolean on the 18th of November, our innovative Egypt Season presents research-fuelled insights into Egypt past, present, and future.’ 

The Humanities Cultural Programme (HCP) has as its core mission to collaborate and to connect, to bring into creative tension the worlds of research and artistic practice. In collaborating with world-leading artists and experts across different cultural fields, the programme seeks to contribute creatively to public debate, engaging audiences in thinking about issues and questions critical to our own times.

The HCP is part of TORCH and is dedicated to exploring ways in which innovative work in race and resistance, and in the medical, environmental, and intersectional humanities, might meaningfully engage with audiences and participants of all ages. In so doing the Centre aims to increase the social impact of humanities research and reaffirm its value to our common future. The Humanities Cultural Programme is one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities and Being Human Festival

Find full event details for the Egypt Season and learn more about how to get involved here.