Scholarship programme for the innovators of the future launched

Thursday 12th Oct 2023, 1.02pm

The Ellison Scholars programme, announced today by the Ellison Institute of Technology (EIT), will find and fund students and train them to become leaders with the skills to invent, improve, and manage the next generation of technology, to help solve some of humanity’s most challenging and enduring problems.

This student scholarship programme will recruit approximately twenty students from around the world each year, providing a full scholarship for study at the University of Oxford. Together, they will collaborate on projects in EIT’s four areas of humane endeavours: medical science and healthcare; food security and sustainable agriculture; clean energy and climate change; and government policy and economics. This programme will expedite the Scholars’ journeys to becoming global technology innovators and leaders of the future.

Our University has a long-standing tradition of bringing together great minds, fostering innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and harnessing technology to solve global problems – not least in recent years during the Covid pandemic and now with our malaria vaccine. 

The creation of an Ellison Institute of Technology campus in Oxford chimes with that tradition and we welcome their arrival enormously. The launch of the ambitious Ellison Scholars programme is also hugely exciting. We look forward to working with the Ellison team to support and educate the next generation of thought-leaders so they are ready to take on the world’s challenges.

Professor Irene Tracey, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University

Scholars will also receive mentorship from world leaders, scientist and entrepreneurs in the EIT Faculty of Fellows, led by Dr David Agus, Founding Director & CEO of EIT and Visiting Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford; Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford; and Sir Tony Blair, Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI).

The Ellison Institute of Technology (EIT), founded in Los Angeles by Larry Ellison and Dr David Agus under the name The Ellison Institute of Transformative Medicine, also announced today the construction of EIT Oxford Campus. A new interdisciplinary research and development facility in Oxford Science Park, Littlemore it will bring together innovative thinkers from around the world to develop and deploy advanced technology in pursuit of solving some of humanity’s most challenging and enduring problems. The facility’s location will expand work and research collaborations with the University of Oxford and help to support the launch of the Ellison Scholars programme.

The Ellison Scholars programme will officially open for applications in March 2024, with the first cohort of Scholars beginning their studies in October 2025. Admission into the programme is dependent upon a successful application to Oxford through the usual admissions process, and selection to the scholarship by EIT’s Faculty of Fellows.

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