Prestigious fellowship for acclaimed Oxford Economist, Professor Steve Bond

Monday 23rd Oct 2023, 2.43pm

Professor Bond has made significant contributions in developing econometric methods for analysing complex datasets (known as panel data or longitudinal data – encompassing data collected over both time and space). Based on these ideas, he co-authored two of the most highly-cited econometrics papers of all time.

Together with his co-authors, Spanish economist Manuel Arellano and University College London’s Richard Blundell, Professor Bond developed methods now incorporated into most leading econometric software packages, and widely used in empirical research in the social sciences.

Speaking of his nomination, Professor Bond says, ‘I am very honoured to be elected as a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and to join a very select group of economists who are recognised for significant contributions to their fields. I look forward to attending a presentation ceremony at the European Summer Meeting of the Society in Rotterdam next year.’

This honour is a testament to a phenomenal career in the field of economics. It is an amazing achievement

Professor Timothy Power

Professor Timothy Power, head of Oxford’s Social Science Division, praised Professor Bond’s recognition, saying, ‘This honour is a testament to a phenomenal career in the field of economics. It is an amazing achievement.’

The Econometric Society is a renowned international economics institution, which aims to advance economic theory, in its relation to statistics and mathematics. An independent organisation, the Society is particularly highly regarded and Professor’s Bond election to a fellowship is very significant in this sphere.  

Professor Bond is also well known for empirical work on the investment and financial behaviour of firms, and on corporate taxation.