Oxford University launches the Artful Intelligence Season – Creative Conversations about AI

Friday 2nd Jun 2023, 11.46am

The programme is an opportunity to explore, experience, engage and investigate the future possibilities and the ethical implications of the technological advancements in AI/AR and VR – technology that is impacting every area of our lives.

Dr Victoria McGuinness, Head of Public Engagement, said: ‘The Artful Intelligence season from the Humanities Cultural Programme is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in Oxford to experience and engage with many aspects of the exciting future that technology can offer us.’

‘Our first event, the “In Bloom” exhibition with Visiting Fellow Estella Tse offers people the chance to explore some of the creative elements of augmented reality.’

‘In Bloom’: An Augmented Reality Exhibition by Visiting Fellow, Estella Tse

‘In Bloom’ is a story of redemption, overcoming the darkest days in one’s life to find light again. In collaboration with Oxford University, virtual and augmented reality artist Estella Tse shares her story of overcoming complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and debilitating depression through her immersive art.

The exhibition documents moments, snapshots, and explorations from four of Estella’s phases: The Darkest Days, Recovering and Doing the Work, Rebuild, and Thrive. Each piece is a seedling that shapes and colours the larger ecosystem of Estella’s life and growth, integrated with works by Oxford researchers.

‘My inner critic can be so, so cruel. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with these thoughts. In Bloom: An Augmented Reality Exhibition, is first and foremost a story of self-redemption from the inner demons that haunt us. I had to take three years away from full-time creative work in order to grieve the sudden death of my best friend, compounded with being in an abusive relationship, and no longer having a home. I dedicated myself to healing, addressing my childhood traumas, and allowing myself time and space to overcome the darkest parts of myself.’

‘In Bloom is an honest look into my healing process — how I transmute my pain into light. This, I know, is my gift. From analogue, to digital, to virtual, to full-immersion, I use all mediums to transform my pain into beauty. I hope the sentiments shared in In Bloom will resonate with viewers and they find self-compassion in their own journeys as well.’ Said Estella Tse, Visiting Fellow at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.

How to immerse yourself:

To find out more about the “In Bloom” exhibition running Monday 5 to Sunday 18 June and to book your experience please visit the exhibition website.