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Thursday 19th Apr 2018, 07.45pm

Facebook LIVE - all about Mandrakes!

We went live with Dr Chris Thorogood, from the ...

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018, 09.00am

How does electricity flow through small objects?

Monday 5th Mar 2018, 12.30pm

Facebook LIVE with Katerina Johnson...

We interviewed Katerina Johnson, a DPhil student, exploring connections between the microbiome, brain and behaviour...

Wednesday 21st Feb 2018, 04.00pm

Make your own plasticine brain

Thursday 8th Feb 2018, 09.00am

DNA: A Rich Tapestry

Whether it’s the way we speak, or the sports team we support, the little differences between us can carry clues to our origins.

But scientists are searching for other, more fundamental clues to our ancestry, hidden within our DNA.


Monday 29th Jan 2018, 12.45pm

Work Experience in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Every year the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences hosts a work experience programme for local sixth-formers.