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Thursday 22nd Mar 2018, 09.00am

How does electricity flow through small objects?

Thursday 8th Feb 2018, 09.00am

DNA: A Rich Tapestry

Whether it’s the way we speak, or the sports team we support, the little differences between us can carry clues to our origins.

But scientists are searching for other, more fundamental clues to our ancestry, hidden within our DNA.


Thursday 23rd Nov 2017, 09.00am

How to read DNA

Reading DNA, the instruction book inside of all our cells, is an important way to learn about what makes us who we are. However, not every research group has the expertise and equipment necessary to do this, which is where the ...

Thursday 5th Oct 2017, 09.00am

What are Quantum Rainbows

‘What are Quantum Rainbows?’ you ask? Watch our animation and follow a tale of an intrepid explorer below, as we try to find out.

Tuesday 11th Jul 2017, 09.00am

Conserving nature – it’s not just about the animals...

When people think of conservation, they often think that it is about saving species. Whilst this is partly true, conservation is actually much more than that. Conservation involves efforts that protect and sustain everything from the genes that make up a species, to the habitats in which they...

Tuesday 18th Apr 2017, 11.00am

What can Chemists learn from nature?

Nature is full of chemicals – flavours, fragrances, medicines. Living systems have been making these useful chemicals for billions of years, but usually only tiny quantities, because that’s all they need! In this animation we find out how chemists are learning from nature to create these...