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In today’s political climate, science’s value to society is under threat and consistently questioned. Yet in our everyday lives we reap the rewards of...
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The high-tech scanning techniques were enabled by funding from the British Heart Foundation (BHF), and could reveal whether chemotherapy is damaging a person’s...
Arctic driftwood
This blog post originally appeared on the website of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Its author, Lauren Lipuma, is a senior public information...
Oxford researchers highlight ‘hidden’ learning condition
Following a five year campaign to raise awareness of language difficulties, the researchers are supporting a drive to agree a new, streamlined terminology that...
Superbug’s spread to Vietnam threatens malaria control
The spread of this dominant artemisinin drug resistant P falciparum C580Y mutant malaria parasite lineage across the entire Mekong Sub-region is a serious...
Abigail Williams, a Professor in the English Faculty and Fellow at St Peter’s College, has written The Social Life of Books: Reading Together in the Eighteenth...

Brain Diaries

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An exhibition and series of events revealing how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about the lifelong development of our brains, from birth to the end of...



Saturday, 23rd September 2017 10AM - 11.30AM 12.30PM - 2PM 2.30PM - 4PM Suitable for ages 5-9 £8 per child, adults free

Bring your budding engineers along to try one of Science Oxford’s most popular and addictive challenges of all time! Design and test is the nature of the game as you harness the forces of friction and gravity to make a...