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Students can claim a 20% discount off all talks at this year’s festival from 30 March to 7 April, which will once again welcome a wealth of authors to the city...
A woman helping a small child with geography
The Oxford Hub has lots of exciting volunteering opportunities working with young people; such as Weekend Activity days, Sport mentoring, 1-1 mentoring and a...
Unicycle 2019
When the sunny spring days still feel a little cold, it’s tempting to avoid heading out, but keep cycling around Oxford and you won’t just be staying fit,...
Urgent need for guidelines to communicate with children about life threatening conditions
Two new papers published in The Lancet, led by a team at the University of Oxford, highlight the importance of communicating with families about life...
United Nations
The study, led by Oxford University in collaboration with the universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand, University College London and the United Nations...
Planthopper bug
Researchers at the University of Oxford describe how a newly-discovered “snapping organ” enables courting bugs of both sexes to produce this shaking motion...

Bacterial World

A new exhibition is aiming to show the positive impact of bacteria.

Bacteria World at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History has 55 exhibits, including a 92ft (28m) long inflatable E.coli sculpture.

Director Paul Smith promised the exhibition would explore "our very intimate relationships with bacteria".