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Image credit: OU
Alex Betts, Craig MacLean and Kayla King from the Department of Zoology, shed light on their recent research published in Science, which addressed the impact...
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What has been the impact of receiving the Scholarship? Without a fully funded scholarship there's no way I would have made it here. From my background it would...
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The Summer Internship Programme has a final batch of internships available and applications for the last batch will close Monday 11 June. The internships are...
Using portable, real time DNA sequencing to fight drug-resistant TB
Scientists in Madagascar have for the first time performed DNA sequencing in-country using portable technology to rapidly identify the bacteria responsible for...
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From next year, UNIQ’s intake will rise from around 850 A-Level state school students to 1,350 a year. Each student gets to spend a week at Oxford, studying...
Image credit: Michaela Ecker
Michaela Ecker, a former doctoral student in the Oxford School of Archaeology, details her recent research at Wonderwerk Cave of Southern Africa, on which she...

Art, Illusions and the Visual Brain

Professor Christopher Kennard (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences) has spent a lifetime studying the visual system. In this talk he reveals how easily it can play tricks with our mind.

Due to popular demand this is a repeat of Professor Kennard’s talk in March.

Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 1 May


The Peopling of the British Isles: What we can learn from Genetics

Professor Peter Donnelly explains how large-scale genetic studies offer a powerful new approach to understanding subtle similarities and differences in...