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An adult and child's hands holding a picture of lungs
By Dr Nisreen Khambati, Oxford Vaccine Group Every year, more than one million children fall ill with tuberculosis (TB) globally, and about a quarter die from...
By Professor Jane McKeating, Nuffield Department of Medicine Our lives are so often dictated by time - it seems like we are not the only ones. Most living...
Comparing a healthy aorta with what it looks like in the event of an aneurysm
By Talitha Smith, Communications Officer, Department of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a bulging of the aorta,...
Oxygen bubbles
By Professor Jane McKeating, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine Oxygen is essential to all life forms, even viruses.  Oxygen is fundamental to all cells...
Fruit fly
By Dr Ellie Bath, Department of Zoology Mating changes female behaviour across a wide range of animals, with these changes induced by components of the male...
Foraminifera calcite shells - Shutterstock
Their study investigated how planktonic foraminifera adapted to changing climatic conditions over the last 700,000 years, or seven global ice ages – with...

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