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Vaccines and syringes
Influenza is thought to be a highly variable virus, able to mutate and escape immunity built up in the population due to its circulation in previous seasons....
Agreeing to disagree about medical treatment for children
Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Oxford and a Consultant in newborn intensive care at the John Radcliffe Hospital...
Influenza virus molecules set immune response into overdrive
The molecule, a so-called mini viral RNA, is capable of inducing inflammation and cell death, and was produced at high levels by the 1918 pandemic influenza...
Brain CT scan
The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of a potential novel antidepressant drug on the healthy human brain. The Department of Psychiatry is...
Know Your Oxford uses smartphone navigation to guide newcomers around Oxford
Know Your Oxford uses smartphone navigation to guide newcomers around Oxford, with staff and students giving audio tips on one of the world's oldest...
Hand writing - developing yourself
Last year, Regent’s Park College celebrated its diamond jubilee and in recognition of the celebrations, alumnus and Treasurer, Tony Harris (English, 2007), has...

WOMEN IN SCIENCE: Portraits, Archive Material, Trails and Talks

Basement Gallery, Museum of the History of Science Broad Street Oxford OX1 3AZ

March – December 2018

100 years ago, the first group of women won the right to vote in the UK. In this centenary year, there is widespread recognition of the political role women have played in society. But what...


GALLERY TOUR Women in Science: Tour

Wednesday 26 September,


Join us for a staff-led tour and find out how women have been involved in science for hundreds of years as astronomers, mathematicians, instrument makers, and merchants.

For the Women in Science programme of events.