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A Cutaway of InSight on Mars
A cutaway view of Mars showing the InSight lander studying seismic activity Credit: J.T. Keane/Nature Geoscience The seismic vibrations on Mars were...
The Himalayan Wolf (Credit Geraldine Werhahn)
The Himalayan wolf is considered an ancient wolf as it evolved prior to the contemporary grey wolf which is found in large parts of North America and Eurasia....
Research reveals link between high cholesterol levels and risk of aortic valve disease
Aortic stenosis is the most common form of heart valve disease in developed countries and is thought to affect 2-7% of those over the age of 65. The disease is...
Researchers from the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford have contributed to a monumental international study, published today in Nature, that...
A study by University of Oxford researchers, published today in Social Science & Medicine, has found that ride-hailing provider, Uber, is associated with a...
Uber app on phone with London bus in distance
Since its launch in San Francisco in 2010, Uber has experienced phenomenal growth, reaching six continents, more than 70 countries, and 700 cities through 2018...

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