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Image credit: Shutterstock
Research led by Oxford University highlights the accelerating pressure on measuring, monitoring and managing water locally and globally. A new four-part...
Image credit: Dag Larsen, IceCube/NSF
Neutrinos are high-energy subatomic particles that are formed from violent collisions like black holes. Discovered in 2015, they help researchers to study the...
Oxford Sparks
In the latest animation from Oxford Sparks, experts from the Oxford Genomics Centre talk us through how they 'read' DNA – the 'instruction book' inside of all...
Cheney School pupils recorded the stories behind an array of war-related objects brought along by people in the community at the school's Rumble Museum earlier...
The clinical treatment benefits of shoulder decompression surgery may be no more effective than no treatment at all, according to new Oxford University...
The number of people being diagnosed with heart failure in the UK continues to grow, and the poorest people are significantly more likely to be affected by the...

Brain Diaries

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An exhibition and series of events revealing how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about the lifelong development of our brains, from birth to the end of...



FOR FAMILIES Thursday, 21st December 2017 11AM - 11.45AM, 12PM - 12.45PM 2PM - 2.45PM, 3PM - 3.45PM Suitable for ages 4-9 £7 per child, adults free

The festive season is upon us but Santa has lost his presents. Join the Science Oxford team as we celebrate the chemistry of Christmas and help Santa out. Children will create their own snow...