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Organox set up
The NICE announcement noted that liver transplantation is a highly successful treatment for end-stage liver disease, which is responsible for the deaths of...
Fruit flies mating
Results, published in Nature Communications, have shown that the nature of the evolutionary forces which act on male fruit flies depend on how many mates a...
Time to step inside your DNA
Researchers at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (MRC WIMM) have developed technology that allows scientists to explore the complex 3D...
Instruments on InSight's spacecraft deck
A UK instrument, co-designed by the University of Oxford, has captured the first sounds ever recorded directly from Mars. The NASA InSight lander, which is...
Technology use explains at most 0.4% of adolescent wellbeing
Researchers at the University of Oxford have performed the most definitive study to date on the relationship between technology use and adolescent mental...
New York Times
Quality news will need to be further subsidised, while use of social media will decline among news outlets and social media users alike. These are the findings...

Bacterial World

A new exhibition is aiming to show the positive impact of bacteria.

Bacteria World at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History has 55 exhibits, including a 92ft (28m) long inflatable E.coli sculpture.

Director Paul Smith promised the exhibition would explore "our very intimate relationships with bacteria".