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Researchers at the University of Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered a new gene that improves the yield and fertilizer use efficiency...
Death rates from stroke declining across Europe
Cerebrovascular disease includes strokes, mini-strokes, and narrowing, blockage or rupturing of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, and it is the...
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
The AHRC is the UK’s largest funder of postgraduate training in the arts and humanities, and plays an essential role in supporting the next generation of...
Rare cancer could be caught early using simple blood tests
The study investigated the best combination of blood tests that could be used to diagnose myeloma in GP practices. The research was a collaboration between the...
Men respond to their spouse’s illness just as much as women do and as a result are better caregivers in later life than previous research suggests, according...
Antibiotics and Activity Spaces
The Antibiotics and Activity Spaces project is a survey of 4,800 villagers in Chiang Rai (Thailand) and Salavan (Lao PDR) to better understand (1) how people...

WOMEN IN SCIENCE: Portraits, Archive Material, Trails and Talks

Basement Gallery, Museum of the History of Science Broad Street Oxford OX1 3AZ

March – December 2018

100 years ago, the first group of women won the right to vote in the UK. In this centenary year, there is widespread recognition of the political role women have played in society. But what...



Saturday 18 August, 2–4pm

Learn Morse code, experiment with the Museum’s telegraphic apparatus, and unravel the mystery message.

Drop-in, ages 7+