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At the point it enters the atmosphere, it will be travelling at more than 15,000 km/h and its heat shield will reach more than 1,300 degrees centigrade during the descent
We may not have found life on Mars, but there is considerable excitement in the Oxford scientific community about the imminent possibility of detecting the...
Closed cafe sign on empty street
By Michael Bonsall, Professor of Mathematical Biology, based in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford We are all familiar now with the use of...
11 other women PhDs and clinicians – all experts in public health and related disciplines - dubbed the ‘Nerdy Girls’ by a follower. Their mission is to curate reliable, accurate and trusted information about the pandemic – and they have gathered tens of t
Who would have thought demographic statistics would go viral? Certainly not self-confessed ‘Nerdy Girl’, Oxford Professor Jennifer Dowd, who was stunned when...
Nurse discussing vaccination with female patient
By Daniel Freeman The pandemic is testing our societal structures like never before. To deal with it successfully, we need to think and act collectively, led...
Today’s study differs in approach from many of the main epidemic models in that it focusses specifically on the role of individuals
Social distancing has become one of the key strategies for reducing COVID-19 transmission, together with mask wearing and contact tracing.  However, a new...
Screenshot of local Covid map
COVID-19 has asked a lot of everyone. At the national level, decisions have been taken that affect everything from people’s movements to the running of...

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