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Freak wave and Hokusai
The Draupner wave was one of the first confirmed observations of a freak wave in the ocean; it was observed on the 1st of January 1995 in the North Sea by...
Woman using an iPhone
Inform how we use digital communications by attending one of two focus groups on Wednesday 6 February. Free pizza will be provided as a thank you. To get...
With ongoing uncertainty about the implications of the UK leaving the EU, the University is working hard to understand and manage the impact on our staff and...
Stressed student biting pencil.
It’s very normal to experience anxiety while revising for exams and sitting papers. But help is at hand.  There are many resources, events and people available...
 Image credit: Inge Wessels.
The Oxford University-led project is one of 12 individual studies taking place as part of the new UKRI Global Research Hubs. The work is financially supported...
President of Oxford Hindu Society (2018-19)
To celebrate #WorldReligionDay on Sunday 20 January, we sat down with Mahesh Daryanani, President of Oxford University Hindu Society, to find out more about...

Bacterial World

A new exhibition is aiming to show the positive impact of bacteria.

Bacteria World at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History has 55 exhibits, including a 92ft (28m) long inflatable E.coli sculpture.

Director Paul Smith promised the exhibition would explore "our very intimate relationships with bacteria".