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Image credit: Michaela Ecker
Michaela Ecker, a former doctoral student in the Oxford School of Archaeology, details her recent research at Wonderwerk Cave of Southern Africa, on which she...
Inspirational teachers 2018
On 18 May the teachers were honoured at an event at St Peter's College. They were recognised for their efforts supporting pupils who were successful in getting...
Undergraduate Awards sign in theatre
The Undergraduate Awards (UA) is an international awards programme that recognises top undergraduates. Global Winners are invited to the UA Global Summit in...
HIV researchers create Chelsea garden to raise awareness of disease stigma
The theme of the garden is HIV: stigma and cure. It was
conceived by Professor John Frater from the University of Oxford and Professor Sarah Fidler from...
Bronze REC
The Charter provides a framework through which institutions work to identify and address institutional and cultural barriers faced by minority ethnic staff and...
Image credit: Shutterstock
The results featured in PNAS offer new insights into how European civilisations and their economies developed over time – finding links between levels of lead...

The Genetic Legacy of Kings and Commoners in the Iberian Peninsula

The DNA of people living today holds clues to the demographic history of their ancestors. Dr Clare Bycroft will present recent work looking at the genetic...


The World’s Earliest History of Medicine

In the mid-thirteenth century Ibn Abi Usaybiʿah (ابن أبي أصيبعة‎‎, d. 1270), a practising physician in Syria, produced the earliest comprehensive history of medicine from any land.