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Oxford Skyline
They are: Professor Susan Bright, Professor of Land Law at the University of Oxford. An established international property law scholar, Professor Bright is...
MOU signing
The MoU, which was signed during a visit to Oxford on 14 and 15 March by a delegation of 20 academics from the University of Padua in northern Italy, includes...
HRH Sultan Nazrin Shah, the Deputy King of Malaysia, speaks in Kuala Lumpur in support of a new Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Oxford.
HRH The Sultan was speaking at a celebration dinner in support of the new Centre attended by the Chancellor of Oxford University, Lord Patten of Barnes and...
Alarm clock
Writing in the journal Nature, the scientists report how oxidative stress leads to sleep. Oxidative stress is also believed to be a reason why we age and a...
Detail from the ceiling of the Palais de Justice de Toulouse
However, the world religions known today either demand belief in all-seeing punitive deities or some kind of broader mechanism for rewarding the virtuous and...
Students can claim a 20% discount off all talks at this year’s festival from 30 March to 7 April, which will once again welcome a wealth of authors to the city...

Bacterial World

A new exhibition is aiming to show the positive impact of bacteria.

Bacteria World at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History has 55 exhibits, including a 92ft (28m) long inflatable E.coli sculpture.

Director Paul Smith promised the exhibition would explore "our very intimate relationships with bacteria".