Conserving nature – it’s not just about the animals...
When people think of conservation, they often think that it is about saving species. Whilst this is partly true, conservation is actually much more than that...
Should I take a selfie with a wild animal?
In the latest edition of the Oxford Sparks Big Questions podcast, we visit Conservation Ecologist Dr Tom Moorhouse to ask: should I take a selfie with a wild animal?
Facebook LIVE - Chris Throrogood about carnivorous plants...
We went and interviewed Chris Thorogood from the University of Oxford Botanical Gardens to talk all things carnivorous plants...
Over 400 events for the family throughout July and August
Events in Oxford a perfect place to expand your mind. Sail off into our astonishing collections, an odd universe of light bulb moments, magic, mystery, monsters, diagrams, dreams and dodos. Yes, dodos.
Day in the life of Dr Jason Nurse
Ever wondered what it is like to be a researcher at the University of Oxford? Watch our video as we speak to Dr Jason Nurse from the Department of Computer Science....
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In today’s political climate, science’s value to society is under threat and consistently questioned. Yet in our everyday lives we reap the rewards of...
Women whose partners take advantage of flexible working hours see a significant increase in their own earnings.
Image credit: Shutterstock
In what was a landmark ruling, the highest court in the UK, yesterday declared employment tribunal fees to be ‘inconsistent to the access to justice.’  The...
Breaking boundaries in our DNA
Marieke Oudelaar from the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine explains how complex folding structures formed by DNA enable genetically identical cells...
Xanda, Cecil the lion’s oldest surviving son, has been shot and killed by hunters in Zimbabwe two years after his father’s death...
Eight Oxford academics have been made Fellows of the British Academy today (21 July).

Brain Diaries

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An exhibition and series of events revealing how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about the lifelong development of our brains, from birth to the end of...


Board Games and Medieval Medicine

The Museum is helping to develop new board games about medieval Islamic medicine. Help test our board games and give us your feedback.Drop-in, ages 7+. This event is running regularly on the last Sunday of every month.