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In today’s political climate, science’s value to society is under threat and consistently questioned. Yet in our everyday lives we reap the rewards of...
The challenge of providing a rapid response to environmental disasters as varied as flooding, drought, illegal logging and oil spills is the focus of two new...
The findings, published in Science, reveal for the first time the genetic differences between UK and Dutch great tits which researchers were then able to link...
The study published in Nature shows that two novel and specific small-molecule inhibitors developed by the research teams can bind to and deactivate an enzyme...
Researchers working on the Oxford-led C4 Rice Project have, by introducing a single maize gene to the plant, moved towards 'supercharging' rice to the level of...
Scientists have taken an important step in a long-term project aimed at improving photosynthesis in rice to increase crop yields and help meet the food needs...

Brain Diaries

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An exhibition and series of events revealing how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about the lifelong development of our brains, from birth to the end of...


Facebook LIVE about Rafflesia the largest flower on earth!

Tune in on Monday at 2pm as we interview Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science from Oxford Botanical gardens about RafflesiaL the largest flower on earth.