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Sing Song Research! Science written by you

Inspired by song’s power to make information ‘stick’, we've been teaming researchers up with songwriter Jonny Berliner and worked with local residents in Oxford to write songs about research. So far with your help we've created three songs about Physics; from discovering distant galaxies, to visiting asteroids to find out what they’re made out of, to uncovering the secrets of antimatter. Recently we did bacteria as part of the IF-Oxford Science and ideas festivals - that song will be coming soon.

Sing Song Bacteria

Jonny teamed up with Prof Kevin Foster from the dedpartment of Zoology to attend 'science in the shops' on 20 October at Templars Sqaure Shopping Centre, Cowley. They had a microscope so you could peer at tiny bacteria, a computer game to pit different bacterial species against one another, and explained how the bacteria in your guts interact in similar ways to larger animals - helping us to learn new things about ecology. From there Jonny invited locals to help him write the song 'Gut Warriors' - we'll post a recording here shortly. Kevin's team and Jonny will be back at the Museum of Natural History's Super Science Saturday on  24 November.

Sing Song Physics

Jonny and team went along to three events in Oxford where local residents had the chance to talk to researchers and do some intriguing activities to bring the science alive, before working with Jonny to translate their ideas about the projects into song. The final songs are below. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped us make these songs!


Sat 26 May – Templars Square Shopping Centre, Tickle an Asteroid with Dr Neil Bowles PLUS Research Board Game Café

The Lyman-Break

Sat 9 June – Harwell Family Fun Day, Discover distant galaxies with Nathan Adams

Antimatter: Does it Matter?

Sun 1 July – Cowley Road Carnival, Uncover the secrets of anti-matter with Dr Donal Hill


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You can find out more about the research via the links below:

Discover distant galaxies 

Uncover the secrets of antimatter 

Tickle an asteroid