See where *your science* can take you...
Investigate volcanic eruptions with Anna Brookfield...
Uncover past rainfall patterns with Ricky Sengupta...
Your Science Out There


Scientific knowledge is a pyramid.

Scientists working at the frontier of research - generating new knowledge and expanding humanity’s horizons - draw upon concepts, language and skills that they've learnt from the very beginning of their education. Through videos and teaching resources, ‘Your Science Out There’ aims to take scientific learners of all ages outside the classroom, lecture room or textbook, and give tangible examples of how syllabus science is being used right now to increase our understanding of the wider wonders of our universe. We journey from...

...lakes on ancient Mars... water molecules that fell on dinosaurs... the science of volcanic eruptions.

                  It’s amazing where your science can take you!                       

                                                                                                     - Tamsin Mather (Science Lead)


Teaching Resources

Using your science to...

           ...understand volcanic          ...explore the climate history            ...reveal how much rain

                      eruptions                                           of Mars                                fell on the dinosaurs


           Volcano cartoon                 Mars cartoon                Dinosaur in the rain cartoon                                  



Meet the scientists behind the videos...

Tamsin Mather

Tamsin Mather


Clara Barker profile photo

Clara Barker

Thin film materials scientist

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Anna Brookfield


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Lucy Kissick

Planetary Geochemist

Ricky Sengupta profile photo

Ritwika (Ricky) Sengupta