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Tess Johnson

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As a DPhil candidate in Philosophy, I am based at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. During my undergraduate studies in biology and anthropology at the Australian National University, I took an amazing class in bioethics, and discovered a love for asking the big “should” questions about scientific developments—from new reproductive technologies, to organ markets, to public health interventions. This led me to a Master of Bioethics course at Monash University, and on to Oxford for my DPhil. My thesis focuses on human germline genetic enhancement, and I argue for a new, society-considering approach to enhancement. You can read more about some of my ideas here, and see an Oxford Sparks interview about my research here.

Wednesday 20th Jan 2021, 12.30pm

Should we edit genes to make nicer people?

Is it possible to edit someone's genes before they are born to make them a nicer, kinder, more moral person? Not only that - but, importantly, should we do this? When it comes to gene editing for moral enhancement, there are many ethical points to consider. Join us as we chat to Tess Johnson, a Philosophy PhD student at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, about this very big...

Should we edit genes to make nicer people?