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Mark S Thompson

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Biomedical Engineer

I studied Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, where my inspirational tutor at Magdalen College, Brian Bellhouse, encouraged me to seek engineering applications in medicine. I completed a PhD in hip replacement biomechanics at the University of London, co-supervised and given extensive theatre experience by a surgeon, and won an EC Marie Curie Fellowship to continue hip biomechanics research in Lund, Sweden. I spent three amazing years at the Charité hospital in Berlin, working on the mechanobiology of bone healing, and was offered my dream job here in Oxford in 2006. Oxford Mechanobiology has led to studies of mechanobiology at multiple scales in tendons, blood vessels, bladders, and peripheral nerves. I have been a lecturer and tutor on the UNIQ and Headstart engineering summer schools, and am a keen contributor to an ongoing programme of access work at Wadham College.

Thursday 20th Feb 2020, 10.00am

Mechanobiology: the stress of life

We often think of our bodies in terms of cells and genes, but we shouldn’t forget that they’re also complex mechanical structures. From an Achilles tendon – that can carry half the weight of a Mini – to our constantly pulsing blood vessels, they’re feats of meticulous engineering. Scientists at the University of Oxford are showing how research...

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