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Sally Le Page

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Evolutionary biologist

After growing up in the garden chasing after wildlife and watching David Attenborough documentaries, I studied Biological Sciences at Oxford for my undergraduate degree. I am now in the final year of a PhD in Interdisciplinary Bioscience looking at evolution and behaviour in fruit flies. In particular, I look at whether being related affects how individual flies interact with each other, and whether it affects the battle of the sexes.

After my PhD, I intend to work full-time in science communication and I have been involved in science media throughout my time at Oxford. I make my own YouTube videos - Shed Science -about biology (, I give public lectures at places like QEDcon and the Royal Institution (, I was Creator in Residence for General Electric ( and I currently have a science show – A Spot of Science - with Rooster Teeth (

Friday 27th Jan 2017, 04.15pm

What can a power ballad teach us about the sex life of a fruit fly?

Birds do it, bees do it, even the tiniest insects do it…but the sex life of certain insects might surprise you…

For this week’s episode of the Oxford Sparks Big Question podcast series, we visited a karaoke bar with Stuart Wigby, Sally le Page and Eleanor Bath from the Department of Zoology, Oxford University, to find out what a power Ballard can teach us about the sex life of a fruit...

Sex life of Fruit Flies