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Tuesday 17th Jul 2018, 11.30am

Ancient Mysteries in Marvellous Mud

It took over a billion years for life to transition from simple eukaryotic cells, like primitive algae, to simple animals like sponges or jellyfish. But, why did it take such a long time?

Monday 12th Oct 2015, 10.00am

Shedding Light on the Situation

Light is more than just light bulbs and sunshine! Researchers at the University of Oxford use different types of light to learn more about all sorts of interesting things. To celebrate the International Year of Light we’ve taken a...

Monday 17th Dec 2012, 03.30pm

Underwater Volcano Disaster

This animation is set in the Calabrian arc of southern Italy, near the well known volcano, Stromboli. Stomboli is the most active volcano in Europe and has been exploding on-and-off for at least the past thousand years. Processes like those that we show here occur in every subduction zone, where...