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Is vaping better than smoking?

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018, 08.15am

E-cigarettes are the new kid on the block. They’re getting lots of attention from many scientists across the world curious to see if this is the trick that’s needed to separate 1 billion people from cigarettes! Yes, 1 billion people smoke!

When we first saw an e-cigarette, it felt like we had been transported in time - gone were the days where you light tobacco wrapped up in paper – now we had machines to deliver our nicotine addiction!

As many of you set your new year’s resolution to quit smoking and start vaping, we thought we’d ask the question: Is vaping better than smoking? And could it help you quit?

To find out we visited Jamie Hartmann-Boyce Senior Researcher (Health Behaviours) and Managing Editor for Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group… and there’s a musical surprise.

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