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Tingting Zhu

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Dr. Tingting Zhu is a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow and Member of Faculty within the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford. She is an Associate Research Fellow of St. Hilda's College and a Stipendiary Lecturer at Mansfield College.

Ever since she was a child, Tingting has been fascinated about medicine and the study of human physiology. She was also interested in how technology is created to measure, interpret, and improve human health. After training to be a biomedical engineer, Tingting began working in the field of artificial intelligence, where machine learning techniques can be applied to solve healthcare problems.

Tingting has developed probabilistic techniques for reasoning about time-series medical data. Her work involves the development of machine learning for understanding complex patient data, with an emphasis on Bayesian inference, deep learning, and applications involving the developing world.

Wednesday 26th Feb 2020, 12.30pm

Can we diagnose heart attacks faster?

With one person admitted to hospital every 5 minutes in the UK because of a heart attack, the ability to diagnose and treat them quickly is vital. In this episode of the ‘Big Questions’ podcast, find out how Dr Tingting Zhu is using a machine learning algorithm, trained on 15,000 ECGs, to diagnose heart attacks faster, potentially eliminating the need for time-consuming blood tests. 

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