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Tamsin Mather

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I studied natural sciences specialising in Chemistry at University of Cambridge as an undergraduate. I then had a couple of years out of science but missed it! I decided I wanted to be in an area of science where I could apply my chemistry to wider-scale or even planetary-scale environmental questions so I applied for PhDs in Earth Sciences departments. I initially thought that I would work in the area of ocean chemistry given my love of the sea, but for the Cambridge application I had to put a second choice project down and and saw this one on the atmospheric chemistry of volcanic plumes that looked really interesting and in the end that’s what I ended up doing. Since then my research interests have broadened out a lot to include working to understand volcanoes as natural hazards as well as their environmental effects on all sorts of scales of time and space.

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Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by volcano experts Tamsin Mather and Clive Oppenheimer and comedian Jo Brand to look at the science of volcanoes.​
Tamsin Mather on what volcanic plumes reveal about our planet​

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Wednesday 8th May 2019, 09.00am

Did volcanoes help kill off the dinosaurs?

Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago. We should take a moment to realise how much history that is! Volcanoes are just one of Earth’s creations that have stood the test of time and on this Big Questions podcast we want to know: did volcanoes help kill off the dinosaurs?

To find out the answer we visited the Department of Earth Sciences at The University of Oxford to visit Professor...