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Susann Stritzke

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Renewable Energy Enthusiast and Research Associate

Imagine a never-ending power-cut, or getting a sore throat because your light at home is coming from a kerosene candle. For over 600 million people in Africa, this is the daily reality as they do not have reliable access to electricity, especially in rural communities. I want to help to change that through my research, which is looking for sustainable and clean energy solutions for unelectrified households in Zambia. Although I am a political scientist, my work is very interdisciplinary, covering technical, financial, social and environmental issues. I have been working with rural communities in Zambia for many years and through my projects, I engage with many partners worldwide to solve the complex challenges around energy access.

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YouTube video: Energy access and off grid electrification sub Saharan Africa

Report: Electricity for Integrated Rural Development

Friday 11th Dec 2020, 10.30am

Electricity Access for All

How can we sustainably electrify parts of the world that don't currently have access to clean and reliable energy? How can we improve Sierra Leone's energy sector, so that its capital, Freetown, no longer has an average of 53 blackouts a day? These are just two of the important questions being tackled by Oxford researchers Dr Susann Stritzke...

Electricity Access for All