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Simon Hiscock

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Prof Simon Hiscock is Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum, and a Professor of Botany in the Department of Plant Sciences.

His research focuses on using genetics and genomics to explore the fundamental processes underlying plant reproduction and evolution. He is currently working on the Senecio (ragworts, Asteraceae) and Sorbus (whitebeams, rowans and wild service trees, Rosaceae).


You can find out more about the Oxford Botanic Garden here:

- The University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum

Wednesday 17th Jun 2020, 12.30pm

Why is Oxford's Botanic Garden making gin?

Established in 1621, the Oxford Botanic Garden was the first botanic garden in the UK. It has been - and remains – an invaluable resource for education, scientific research, and conservation. But recently it’s added another feather to its cap, teaming up with The Oxford Artisan Distillery to produce its very own ‘Physic Gin’. So what exactly is this gin, and what inspired Prof Simon Hiscock,...

Why is Oxford's Botanic Garden Making Gin?