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Meet the scientists

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Roi Cohen Kadosh

Experimental Psychologist

I received my PhD in Neuropsychology (summa cum laude, direct track) from the Ben-Gurion University in 2007, and I focused mainly on humans understanding of numbers. How do we perceive numbers, and what brain regions are involved in such process. I had my postdoctoral training at University College London where I expand my skills to include brain stimulation methods in order to transiently...

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Hindolo George-Williams

Energy Engineer

Hindolo is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Energy and Power Group, within Oxford's Department of Engineering Science. He comes from an Electrical and Uncertainty Engineering background and enjoys applying his assorted skill set to building and maintaining reliable power systems. As a kid, Hindolo wanted to become a Catholic Priest but later developed a knack for Electrical Engineering after...

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Fiona Jones

Penguinologist/science communicator

I have always been fascinated by the Polar Regions – the harsh but beautiful landscapes, the epic stories of human exploration, and – most of all – the animals that find their home there. These creatures don’t just survive in their environment, they thrive in it, perfectly adapted to the conditions.

Aislin Sheldon

Aislin Sheldon

Visual Neuroscientist

I became interested in visual neuroscience after a conference I attended whilst studying my A Levels. Before coming to Oxford for my DPhil, I studied my integrated masters at the University of York. So far since starting here I’ve helped run public engagement events in the Natural History Museum with my department. For part of brain awareness week, I will be taking part in a live brain scan...

Peter Grindrod

Peter Grindrod

Applied Mathematician

Pete is a mathematician contributing to a range of digital analytics concepts and topics including social media, retail, consumer goods, maritime trade and transport, mobile banking/telco, security, and behavioural analytics sectors. He works within emerging economies developing behaviour-based credit referencing; the retail and supply sectors (customer-centred insights); the energy sector and...

Tim Softley


In 2015, Tim left Oxford to take the post of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Transfer, at the University of Birmingham.

At school, Tim Softley felt there was plenty to learn about Chemistry and they were hardly scratching the surface. He came to Oxford to study Chemistry and found his suspicions were right.

After graduating, Tim moved to Southampton to undertake a PhD...